BLOG: The importance of networking

09 January 2019

Luke Abbott, architect and director at the Roger Coy Partnership, discusses the importance of networking in his latest blog

Networking is crucial for businesses whatever their size and whichever sector they are in.

At the Roger Coy Partnership, we have always been a big believer in face-to-face contact even though emailing and social media are definitely important too.

But I wanted to raise our profile in Leicester since we set-up a satellite office in the city in September 2017, and I’m keen to explore more urban and commercial markets as well as showcase our abilities to help clients every step of the way from the first drawings to completion in all aspects of building design.

Towards the end of last year, I made the decision to join the Leicester Premier Group of Business Network International (BNI) which is the world’s largest business networking organisation.

It has a mission statement of helping members increase business through a structured, professional referral marketing programme by developing long-term relationships with quality business professionals – and it is living up to its mantra.

We meet every Friday – it is an early start since the meetings start at 6.30am – at the Premier Inn in Braunstone Lane East in Leicester but that means everyone who attends is committed!

I have been to eight meetings so far and it is a really positive group. The organisers have told me that £1.5 million of business was referred between 35 members last year and their aim is to increase members to 50 this year to result in up to £3 million of business. That is quite a target but I have every confidence it will be reached.

The Leicester Premier Group certainly seems to be going places and it is important to be part of a business organisation that leads to tangible benefits otherwise there is little point in attending.

By building relationships with other businesses in a positive environment will help me to add to my own network of clients in Leicester which I have achieved in Northamptonshire where the Roger Coy Partnership is based.

We have many rural-based clients and we are keen to entice more urban-based clients by highlighting the range of residential and commercial architectural projects we can help with.

This is the ideal way because I am mixing with business people from a wide range of sectors and it is a great opportunity to promote the Roger Coy Partnership to a new audience and, most importantly, a range of businesses which will lead to referrals and new contracts.

Luke Abbott