Middleton Cheney CC sponsorship deal extended

30 July 2018

A Northamptonshire cricket club which was formed in 1860 has been hit for six after agreeing a sponsorship deal with a Daventry architects.

After the success of their previous four years together, Middleton Cheney CC in the OCA Cricket League will be sponsored by the Roger Coy Partnership, based in Eydon, for another two years.

The deal will see the Roger Coy Partnership logo remain on the club’s new kits for the next two seasons, supporting the running of all Middleton Cheney CC teams, including their two senior sides.

Chairman of the cricket club Andy Mayo said: “The fact that this partnership is set to continue in the coming years is a huge tick for us, especially considering the current climate. We’ve known Roger Coy for a number of years now and he’s always been very generous.

“Sponsorships play a huge role in the running of our youth sides, helping us to provide kits, pay league entry-fees and ultimately provide the platform for our players to achieve.

“It takes a lot for a club like ours to thrive. Luckily we have a group of people here at the club who work very hard behind the scenes, and getting outside support is as much a win for them as it is the players.

“With all that in mind, we are in a great position to give all of our players the best possible chance to fulfil their potentials, and we have to thank the Roger Coy Partnership for that.”

Roger Coy echoed Andy’s delight over the newly renewed deal.

He said: “It’s becoming increasingly important to support grassroots sports, and with Middleton Cheney, we couldn’t have asked for a better chance to see, year-in year-out, the fantastic results of a continued partnership.

“They have a lot of teams, and therefore a lot of plates to keep spinning, so doing what we can to give them the tools for success is more than worthwhile, especially when it’s the youngsters who benefit.

“Of course it’s great exposure for us, but the main thing is seeing a local cricket club be successful, and we will continue to do what we can to aid their growth in the years ahead.”

Caption: Edward Coy wearing Middleton Cheney’s new shirts sporting the Roger Coy Partnership’s logo